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Vibgyor Exposition, Mumbai, India, are pleased to announce their 2nd exhibition: Screen Print Uzbek 2020 - Garmentech Uzbek 2020 - Fabric Show Uzbek 2020, to be held concurrently on 27, 28, 29 May 2020 at Kurgazma Savdo Markazi in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, a potential market in west-central Asia.

The new exhibition will focus on Screen Printing, Textile Printing, Digital Printing, Sublimation Printing, Textile and Apparel Machinery, Dyes and Chemicals, Yarns & Fabrics. It is being organized with the theme “ZOOM DEEP INTO TEXTILE.”

Considering the potential of the market, there is a big opportunity and we are inviting you to book your stalls in this exhibition. Besides Indian manufacturers and suppliers, we are also approaching many international manufacturers and suppliers to participate in this exhibition. Vibgyor Exposition will make all efforts to make this event a grand success. The organizers will undertake massive online/offline promotion/social media campaign in Uzbekistan and neibhouring countries.

Why Join The Exhibition ?

Why Uzbekistan?

At present, the Textile & Garment Industry of Uzbekistan is considered to be among the most strategically important and dynamically developing sectors of the nation’s economy.

The Uzbek economy is in the process of a gradual transition to the market-driven model. A surge in investment and a pickup in consumption boosted real GDP growth from 4.5 percent in 2017 to 5.1 percent in 2018, and further to 5.3 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2019. Growth is projected to rise to 6 percent in 2021, supported by market reforms to address production bottlenecks and liberalize the economy.

Ilhom Haydarov, Chairman, Uzbek Textile Industry Association, has conveyed that Uzbekistan plans to bring the volume of textile exports to 2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Uzbekistan has turned from an exporter of raw materials into a real supplier of high value-added textile products. The industry is now completely focused on exports, he said, adding that last year Uzbekistan exported textile products worth of 1.6 billion US dollars. The Uzbek government is planning to reprocess the entire cotton yarn produced in the country domestically by 2025 and increase export of textile products up to 7 billion dollars, according to him.

In Uzbekistan the textiles manufacturing sector is being considered one of the most strategically important and rapidly growing sectors of national economy. Being the country with its own substantial raw cotton stocks, special demand is observed for high quality shirting, suiting, prints, silks, woolen and linen fabrics, technical textiles, and accessories, trimmings and supplies, fastening products, garments and fashion accessories, lingerie and underwear, home textiles and other textile products.

What is the Market Potential ?

During interactions with Uzbek industry experts, we discovered that Uzbekistan printing market has a positive attitude towards adopting newer technologies and techniques - be it Screen, Digital, Textile, Sublimation, Fabrics, Yarns, Packaging etc.

Therefore, considering the needs of Uzbekistan Printing & Textile - Garment Industry, Screen Print Uzbekistan 2020 along with concurrent shows Garmentech Uzbek 2020 & Fabric Show Uzbek 2020 will be organized by Vibgyor Exposition. Print service providers and print buyers in Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries will have a great opportunity to explore in the field of Textile, Digital, Sublimation, Dyes & Chemicals, Garment and Apparel Machinery, Yarns & Fabrics. At the same time the exhibitors will have the opportunity to explore the potential in a new, emerging market. The addition of Fabric Show Uzbek 2020 as a concurrent event is a very positive development as it widens the scope and expands opportunities to cover a greater number of categories.

Screen Print Uzbek 2020 Garmentech Uzbek 2020 Fabric Show Uzbek 2020

Exhibitor Profile

Industry players manufacturers & suppliers who have products in the following categories should join the show to expand their sales network and market contacts.

Printing: Screen Printing, Textile Printing, Digital Printing Materials, Machines, Inks Manufacturers, Chemicals, Emulsions, Mesh, Squeegee, Films, Digital Textile Printers, Exposing Machines, Stretching Machines, UV Inks, UV Dryers, UV Curing, Lamination, Hot-Stamping Foils, Digital Pre-Press, T-Shirt Manufacturers, Pad-Printing Machines & Inks, Decorating Printing Machines, Post-Printing Systems & Materials, Pre-Press & Production Technology, Substrate & Adhesives, Traders & Technical, Printing Institutes, Printing Related Products & Accessories, Printing Machinery & Allied Products, Cleaning Products, Industry Service, Adhesives & Tapes Manufacturers, Finishing Equipment Suppliers.

Sublimation: Sublimation Printers, Heat Transfer Machines, Sublimation Blanks (Ceramic, Glass, Polymer, Wooden, Metalic), Sublimation Inks, Sublimation Papers, Heat Transfer Vinyls Suppliers, Heat Transfer Textile Labels, Direct-to-Garment Printers, Sublimation Coatings, Promotion Gifts, T-shirt, Textile Printing Technology.

Signage: Eco Solvent & Photographic Printers, Routers, UV Printers, Acrylic Sheets, Flex, Flute Board Sheets, Inkjet Materials, Inks (Solvent/Inkjet/UV/Textile), Lamination Films, PVC Foam boards, Retro Reflective Sheets, Traffics Safety Material, Tapes/Vinyl Adhesives, Wall Papers, Specialty Media, Vehicle Wrapping Media, LED Signage & Displays, LED Moving Signs, POS/POP, Acrylic Display Stands, Flags, Indoor Advertising Systems, Outdoor Advertising Systems, Shop Signage & Display Units, Graphic Imaging, Advertising Concepts, Digital Signage Displays. Machines Like: Inkjet Printing, Laser Cutting, Solvent Printing, Vinyl Cutting, Bending & Digital Printing, Laser Engravers.

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Dear Industry Colleagues
We value your support for Screen Print Uzbek exhibition which was organised in May 2019. We have been promoting the 2020 Screen Print Uzbek in a big way.
However, as we all know that the Coronavirus orginated from China is now affecting the exhibition industry worldwide. The exhibition industry in many markets partly depends on China owing to their large scale participation and hence many Shows have been either cancelled or postponed. On our part, we have analysed the grim situation and decided to postpone the scheduled Screen Print Uzbek exhibition to a later date to be announced once the situation comes back to normal.
We will come back to you and until then let us hope that the  Coronavirus menace soon comes under control.
We thank you once again and value your cooperation
Thanks and regards Devang Sheth Organiser - Screen Print Uzbek 2020